• Harlem Globetrotters

    Harlem Globetrotters

    Sports news Back in the 1920s, a delightful mistake gave birth to one of the most entertaining shows in history. According to folklore, an exhibition game between two local Chicago basketball teams was scheduled to take place in the Savoy Ballroom. The only problem was that the local Vaudevillian team Globes & Trotter was scheduled there as well. So with a double booking to deal with (as well… more

  • Bonnie Raitt on Tour in 2009

    Bonnie Raitt on Tour in 2009

    Concerts news For more than 30 years, Bonnie Raitt has been one of the biggest names in the Blues singing world. With her great "bottle-neck" guitar style and unique style of singing, she is able to impress both blues connoiseurs and regular concert goers. Her website describes her as "an American institution" which sounds about right. Almost anyone will recognize her singing an… more

  • Tie Is The Tie Breaker

    Tie Is The Tie Breaker

    Sports news After Week 12 was said and done, the Philadelphia Eagles stood at as even of a record as possible: 5-5-1 (The 1 of course being a tie). While this is not necessarily a bad record, it was certainly an abysmal record to have in the highly competitive NFC East, where the Giants already had 10-plus victories, Dallas with 8, and the Redskins with 7. But as time crept on, the Eagles silentl… more

  • you too can see U2

    you too can see U2

    Concerts news Over 30 years of time have passed since U2 first came onto the music scene. They first formed in 1978 as a bunch of teenagers playing rock music, but they weren’t considered a great band until the mid-80s. With Bono and Co., this is still a top act in the world. U2 is in the process of producing a new album, which is supposed to be released in March, but that hasn’t been o… more

  • One to go

    One to go

    Sports news We've played 15, there is one game to go!  It's time to get serious about this. The NFL season is coming to an end. But now we have to take a look at who might be the real winners this year. There are several playoff spots still to be decided. And everything will be decided tomorrow and the next day (although some tiebreakers could happen in the first playoff week. Some o… more

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