• An Evening with Il Divo

    An Evening with Il Divo

    Apr 4, 2009 4:09 PM by ben

    Who says classical music is dead? No one, at least not since Il Divo came onto the scene. This singing quartet was started by Simon Cowell (yes, that Simon Cowell) when he heard Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman performing opera music with great harmonizing. The group is modeled on the Three Tenors, but they aren't quite as well known yet. Carlos Marin, Urs Bühler, David Miller and Sebastien Izambard are all highly trained singers, and almost all of them come straight from the classical opera world. But don't think that these guys are stuffy, stuck-up musicians. They make the music really enjoyable and they also throw in a lot of music from the pop world too. Their newest album, The Promise, has been one of the best selling albums of 2008 in England and has been very successful here in North America as well. This is a group that is great fun to hear, so find An Evening with Il Divo tickets today to take advantage of this opportunity.