• Bad Boys from Boston

    Bad Boys from Boston

    Apr 13, 2009 6:04 PM by ben

    Aerosmith has been one of the most loved bands in the world since they made their debut in 1970. Their hard rock is always a fan favorite, with some elements of blues mixed in for fun. Many people don’t realize that they are still touring now after so many years. Steve Tyler, Joe Perry and the others are going to start their new US tour this coming summer. They had originally planned to release their 15th studio album right before they went on the road, but instead the tour is going to be a sneak preview of their new songs: when you see their concert and they play a new song, it will be one of the first times anyone has ever heard that song. ZZ Top will be their opening act throughout their tour, which will complement Aerosmith’s music perfectly. Find your Aerosmith tickets today to see one of Rolling Stone’s top 100 artists of all time!