• Britney Spears Puts on a Great Circus

    Britney Spears Puts on a Great Circus

    Jul 15, 2009 5:46 PM by ben

    Whenever Britney Spears takes the stage, she makes the entire audience say “wow!” It’s not very surprising, because she has been great in live performances for her entire career, spanning more than a dozen years already. She can dance, she can sing, and she can connect. There’s nothing better to have in a performer and it’s always one of the best shows that people can see. When she first appeared on Star Search all those years ago, she was considered a very impressive dancer. Since then, she’s only gotten better, honing her style and making the dance her own art. Her first four albums hit #1 on the Billboard charts, showing how quickly audiences and critics alike began to view her as an emerging talent. After a longer hiatus between 2004 and 2007, she came back with another album at the end of 2008, called “Circus”. This comeback album is just as good as her earlier work, if not better. She immediately started a concert tour that will help promote this album. The Circus Tour has been described as both fun and exciting. She has really put together a sense of what a circus is, while showcasing the entertainer aspects of the entire system. If anyone can make the circus appear onstage in a new and flashy way, it’s Britney! If you get Britney Spears concert tickets from Vivid Seats, you will get to see her do it in person. A great show that you wont soon forget awaits you when you get your tickets today. Get ready for an evening of outstanding dance moves, fantastic lyrics and beats that will get you dancing in a second!