• Fleetwood Mac set to tour in early 2009

    Fleetwood Mac set to tour in early 2009

    Jul 26, 2008 9:30 AM by Adam

    Fleetwood Mac seems to be all set to begin touring early next year. There have been no show dates released yet from the band, but reports say they will be getting together in early January to begin rehearsing for the tour. Fleetwood Mac has not been together for an outing since 2003-2004 when they were promoting “Say You Will.” This tour is a bit unusual as it is common for bands to tour after they release their latest album, but Fleetwood Mac will tour first and then release their album. The band feels that the album will be more successful if the band goes on the road first, they think that it will get the music juices flowing and help them hit the ground running rather than head to the studio and start from the beginning. There were rumors that Sheryl Crow would be touring with Fleetwood Mac but reports say that it will not be happening. Fleetwood Mac should make for an interesting tour, and fans certainly will be waiting for the dates to be announced.