• From J to Z

    From J to Z

    Jan 13, 2009 5:30 PM by nick

    As one of the godfathers of the hip-hop/rap world, Jay Z can never really retire. Just take longer and longer leaves of absence before coming back to do his thang [sic]. But at the same time, it's perfectly understandable, considering the fact he's one of the most successful businessman of the moment. Wetting his beak in the sports world (he co-owns the New Jersey Nets, and sports bar 40/40), the clothing world (Roc A Wear), music production, and marriage (Beyonce) can be a little time consuming. Attaining this all from the relative scratch that he had during his upbringing only makes it all the more impressive as well. But with all this on his plate, as well as numerous other lower profile events that he undoubtedly attends/supports, it's a wonder that Jay Z even finds the time/energy to put on a show. Yet here he is, 39 years old and spittin' mad crazy (and crazy mad) rhymes with the vigor of a young 20-something. So while it certainly shouldn't be his last set of shows, these will most likely turn out to be the last set for at least a little while. Find your Jay Z concert tickets today and see him live, before he goes on musical hiatus again.