• Garth Brooks Returns

    Garth Brooks Returns

    Oct 23, 2009 3:50 PM by ben

    In Las Vegas next year, you will have the chance to see Garth Brooks in concert for the first time in over two years. Several years ago, he announced his retirement because he wanted to have more time with his family. Then a couple years ago, he came back for nine shows, which were all sold out. This time around, it's possible that he will be playing many more concerts. Only a few concert dates have been announced at this time, but using our site you can check back to see when new dates are added. The concerts will be performed on weekends only to start with, so his show will always be fresh and energetic. Garth Brooks is the real thing when it comes to country music. His songs are some of the most easily recognizable and he almost single-handedly created the sound of contemporary country music. The newest popular artists have said that they owe much of their style to Brooks and his most popular songs. To hear him live, get your Garth Brooks Las Vegas tickets and see this historic concert with your favorite musician! These shows are limited at this point, so you should hustle to make sure that you don't miss out!