• Jason Mraz We Miss You

    Jason Mraz We Miss You

    Sep 16, 2008 2:04 PM by Robyn

    Only one more month until Jason Mraz makes his way back over to North America for his fall tour. So far his current tour in Europe has been so good as he has been adding shows to counter the numerous sold-out shows. Yes, Europe is certainly going to eat him alive. But it’s alright America because October 8, 2008 takes Mraz to Scranton, PA (yes, where The Office takes place). And just as we stole that beloved television show from Europe along with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, we too shall reclaim Jason Mraz on his first stop in the U.S leg of the tour just as we reclaimed French fries. So it’s time to do the American thing and spend your hard earned money on Jason Mraz tickets today. And don’t worry, he will be swinging over to Canada but as we all know they're harmless over there, always have been, always will be…