• LCD Soundsystem Says Goodbye In New York

    LCD Soundsystem Says Goodbye In New York

    Feb 11, 2011 3:03 PM by Sean

    James Murphy has planned a massive going away party for his renowned indie dance rock band LCD Soundsystem. Murphy's genre-defying group will take their final bow this coming April in New York City. With historic Madison Square Garden serving as the venue for LCD?s swan song, some 20,000 fans will get to see the band's final show . The box office not surprisingly sold out of LCD Soundsystem farewell show tickets in under an hour. In recent interviews, Murphy has hinted that LCD will dig deep into their songbook for the show at MSG. The New York-based music project released their third album, This Is Happening, last year to a sea of glowing reviews. 

    Getting his start in New York as a studio engineer and DJ, James Murphy became a music magazine darling after releasing a pack of hypnotic dance rock singles in early 2000's. Murphy's gift for melding sardonic lyrics with infectious dance floor-ready beats propelled him from small NYC clubs to massive arenas and festival stages. Although Murphy will likely carry on making music in some form in the future, fans will never get to see LCD Soundsystem on stage together ever again. LCD's last hurrah in New York will certainly be bittersweet for many, but those who do make inside MSG will be in for one amazing concert.