• Love and Cirque

    Love and Cirque

    Jan 14, 2009 5:57 PM by ben

    What are some of your favorite things? If two of those things are “The Beatles” and “Cirque du Soleil”, then your list is practically complete. And you’re in luck! The Beatles and Cirque have joined forces and started performing a show in June 2006. The show is called “Love” which is a fitting choice, considering that both groups have love as a major theme in their work. But what’s the show about? It basically follows the Beatles’ group biography, from their founding in England through their American stage and psychedelic phase and all the way to their own breakup and eventual reunification (in this show, anyway). The show uses Beatles music, re-orchestrated to fit this new venue. And the staging is true to Cirque form, with acrobatics and dance, very intricately put together into a big visual and musical extravaganza. Everyone wants to see this show and it’s easy to imagine why. When you combine great music with amazing movement and dance, everyone wants to see it! Since this probably includes you, click here to view Cirque "Love" Las Vegas tickets today!