• The Metalocalypse

    The Metalocalypse

    Sep 2, 2008 4:41 PM by Robyn

    Metallica is back on tour promoting their new album, Death Magnetic, dedicated to the fallen rock and roll martyrs of the world and the one thing we all as humans must face- DEATH. With lyrics like, Deadly vision/ Prophecy revealed/ Death magnetic/ Pulling closer still/ Feel thy name annihilation/ Desolating, Hail of Fire off their single "My Apocalypse", you better believe this is epic. Metallica fans everywhere rejoice for the apocalypse has come. The Metallica apocalypse that is. Say your prayers, sprinkle yourself with holy water, make your sick confessions and fast for a few more days because the album isn’t due to be released in the U.S. until September 12, 2008. Metallica is finishing up a European tour and will be touring all around the U.S. with dates scheduled through February 2009. Buy your Metallica tickets to secure yourself a spot in line for the final judgment.