• The Red Album

    The Red Album

    Aug 19, 2008 4:38 PM by Robyn

    Rivers Cuomo was raised on a yoga commune in Connecticut. He has been classically trained at the Berklee College of Music as well as graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Harvard University. You wouldn’t think someone of his standing would record pop music for the masses, but he has and still is doing so. Pinkerton remains to be Weezer’s most talked about album amongst Weezer fans and with hits such as “El Scorcho” who can blame them? Their first album, dubbed The Blue Album, has also landed high in the rankings delivering hits such as “Undone-The Sweater Song’ and the epic “Only in Dreams”. The debate remains to question why the band hasn’t released quality albums since the 90’s. 2001’s Green Album was teeter-tottering over the fan vs. mainstream line signaling what was to come. What did come was 2005’s Make Believe that shoveled in the cash but not the acclaim from critics. Their most recent self-titled release, known as The Red Album, isn’t doing as well in fan’s hearts but it’s selling in stores (despite Rivers Cuomo in a cowboy hat on the cover). Regardless of their most recent poptastic albums and artistic decline or rather, “experimental” change, Weezer remains to be a classic rock band. With their numerous hiatus’, seeing Weezer in concert is a rare event. Fans can’t expect something so good to last forever but they can go pay their respects, I mean, Weezer is bound to throw in “My Name Is Jonas” or “Surf Wax America” in the set list somewhere. For more information on Weezer or to grab tickets before it’s too late, click here.