• Tool At the Box Office

    Tool At the Box Office

    Jun 17, 2009 6:05 PM by ben

    The award-winning band Tool will be going back on tour after an 18 month hiatus this summer! They took a break beginning in early 2008 and have now decided to come back, starting a concert tour and possibly releasing a new album too. Order Tool tickets today to see this great metal band in person. This summer marks their 19th anniversary as a band, having begun their careers in Los Angeles in 1990, and they have kept many of the same musicians in their group the entire time. They quickly became one of the most famous alternative heavy metal groups in the world, offering a distinctive style and a great artistic sense. Since their beginning, they have sold 9.25 million albums in the US alone and have also sold well overseas!

    Tool tickets 2009 will give you the opportunity to hear their complex longer pieces as well as see the visual magic that they’ve created to go along with it. They will also play many of their other classic songs. Whether you’re going to see them at the Mile High Arts Festival on July 18, Lollapalooza 2009, or getting Tool concert tickets for Dallas, you will be treated to a fantastic show with some of the best music this band has produced over nearly 20 years. Having performed dozens of tours since ’90, they know how to please the crowd and it’s always a great experience. This three-time Grammy Award winning group is still going strong and will be appearing at venues all across the country starting in July! Get your tickets right away.