• Trans-Siberian Going Trans North America

    Trans-Siberian Going Trans North America

    Aug 18, 2009 5:43 PM by ben

    It has been known as one of the most innovative groups for many years and they make a big tour every winter. Last year, their concerts were among the best-selling of the season and people came out of the shows excited by the spectacle. The orchestra, sometimes called the TSO, has just announced some of their winter 2009-2010 concert dates. With over 60 members in the group, they will split into their normal two touring groups this year and hit more than 80 cities throughout a several month span beginning on November 1st. You can get inexpensive Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets today to see this outstanding show. In case you’re not familiar with the group, it was founded by Paul O’Neill to perform his rock operas and collaborated with several others to create new ones. The band combines a lot of different kinds of musical styles, from rock to R&B to Broadway. While they are known for Christmas music, they have also been known to perform pieces with non-holiday themes as well. Also, with a hard rock band and a full size orchestra, this band has a unique sound that captures the imagination of many audience members. Meanwhile, they employ a variety of pyrotechnics and large sets to create a theatrical experience that is virtually unmatched in the musical world! If you haven’t had the chance to see this group yet for yourself, you will want to check them out this year and see a show that will impress you in so many ways!