• Yanni is back

    Yanni is back

    Dec 17, 2008 4:54 PM by ben

    Did you know that Yanni’s given name is Yiannis Hrysomallis? He was actually born in Greece and is one of the most popular musicians of the New Age genre. His first really popular album was Yanni Live at the Acropolis, released in 1994. He quickly rocketed up the charts in the new age world and has remained there ever since. Yanni says that he prefers the term “contemporary instrumental” in describing his particular kind of music. With Disney Pearl Imprint, he will release an album called Yanni Voices on March 24th of next year. After that, he will go back on tour. He will perform in many cities all across the US and Canada. Some people on the web have joked that he and his new age band will levitate from one city to the next, instead of taking a plane, but that seems doubtful. In any event, Yanni will be visiting many different cities, big and small, next spring. You should get your Yanni concert tickets right away to reserve your spot!