• BoSox


    Jan 24, 2009 10:36 AM by ben

    They almost made it last year. The Red Sox got all the way to the ALCS as the fourth ranked team in the American League. But the Rays beat them in 7 games. So now they are working hard to get their team back in the World Series and win the championship again. Just this week, they re-signed their great closer, Jonathan Papelbon for the record sum of $6.25 million for a one-year deal. They are signing other talented players this offseason as well. John Smoltz and Kevin Youkilis are both playing for Boston this year. This beefs up the Boston Red Sox in a big way and will force the Yankees, Rays and other AL powerhouses to keep up. The Boston Red Sox are setting themselves to be a major force in major league baseball for years to come and you shouldn’t miss a minute of it. The Red Sox play in Boston, but you can also get tickets for games in other cities that they visit. You can get tickets near the field or farther away, whatever you like! More details about 2009 Boston Red Sox tickets are available on our site.