• Cubs 09

    Cubs 09

    Feb 21, 2009 9:24 AM by ben

    2009 Cubs tickets are ready for purchase today! In case you didn’t know it yet, the Chicago Cubs tickets went on sale today. That means you can get seats for all your favorite home games. This includes games against the Brewers, Cardinals, White Sox, and many more! Last year, the team won the Central Division but wasn’t able to get very far in the playoffs. But this year may be different. They’ve made some big changes, and there are some changes at the pitcher’s mound about to take place, especially at the closer position. This team is younger this year, but the addition of Bradley and Gregg among others makes this team really exciting this year. Will the Cubs finally end the drought? Can they hold off Milwaukee and St. Louis in the division? Will Zambrano start this season like he finished 2008? There are many questions, but we will soon have answers. The Cubs are always great to watch; Wrigley Field is the best place to watch them. Get your tickets now!