• Denver Broncos Hoping to Win It All

    Denver Broncos Hoping to Win It All

    Jul 16, 2009 5:29 PM by ben

    The Denver Broncos are back to their old selves and looking to take back the championship! They have been having trouble getting themselves into the playoffs for the last several years because of injuries and difficult schedules. This year will make a big difference for them. In the Jay Cutler trade this offseason, they acquired Kyle Orton, a strong and young quarterback who will give the team a capable arm for their offense. Backing him up will be Knowshon Moreno, who they got through a draft pick acquired in the trade. He looks like he will be one of the best running backs in the league, with a great ability to read the defense in front of him. Wide receivers Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal will give the team a dangerous strength in their passing abilities. Marshall exceeded 100 receptions for the second straight year and Royal makes the opposing teams cover the entire field by creating pressure in the center of the field. The defense has had trouble with injuries in the last few years, but they are looking healthy this season and will be able to make any other team think twice before trying any big plays! Broncos football tickets are going on sale and you can secure your spot to watch this team playing great football in person!

    Order your tickets today and have a great time at a Broncos game. You’ll be able to see your Denver football team take on the best in the league, whether it’s Josh McDaniels battling his former team, the New England Patriots, or the last two Super Bowl champion teams, New York and Pittsburgh. They will also battle other AFC West teams like Oakland and San Diego. This is looking to be a memorable year for your favorite team, so make sure that you are there in person for at least one game.