• Home of the Braves

    Home of the Braves

    Apr 11, 2009 1:53 PM by ben

    Get Atlanta Braves tickets today and you’ll get to see a much-improved team battle it out for the NL East! The Braves had some struggles last year, and weren’t able to make it to the playoffs. But this year, they have beefed up their starting pitching a lot. In a way, they’ve gotten back to their team of the 90s, which was a strong team in terms of pitching. The additions of Derek Lowe and Javier Vasquez will be perhaps the best thing to happen to this team in several years. They have also re-signed Chipper Jones, who is still the best all-around player on the team and is one of the leaders of the team, after nearly two decades in Atlanta. Will they be major contenders again? Manager Bobby Cox seems to think so, and so do many of the players. Are you ready for a new Atlanta Braves season? It’s going to be a lot of fun again, but with an even better team than last time!