• Matriculation and Bone Crushing Hits

    Matriculation and Bone Crushing Hits

    Aug 22, 2008 4:07 PM by nick

    Fall time is beautiful isn't it? The leaves begin their beautifully exotic color transformations; the outside air cools down, making a night time walk with your special sweetheart a real keen time; Mr. Swanson takes daily walks with his old bloodhound Zeek...and the new college running back's kidney absorbs the impact from the helmet of a 250-pound, barreling linebacker. Yes sir. It's college football time. All the career ending knee injuries, multiple concussions, and broken bones that the professionals get paid to suffer through, these young adults do it only in exchange for education. And while the first match is August 28th between Buffalo and Texas El-Paso, football pundits are already beginning to declare who will play in what bowl and win by how much. Early favorites include: Ohio State, Missouri, USC, Oklahoma, and Georgia. It's way too early to predict champions, though. It isn't too early to get tickets, however. Check out our NCAA Football page for tickets to NCAA football matches this season.