• Never Too Early

    Never Too Early

    Jan 10, 2009 5:46 PM by nick

    It's really never too early to start thinking about baseball. It's pretty much the ubiquitous American sport. From February to the end of October, it's a runaway train that just keeps on gaining momentum until it explodes with the World Series. But even in the three months of offseason, most of the regular season's fate is being decided at the Winter Meetings and other preseason roster retooling sessions. November is pretty much the only complete month where baseball is not in motion (yet it is still being talked about by fans of the winning and losing World Series teams). After that, December is spent in pundit-chatter about what will happen during the Winter Meetings, and January is a reflection of all the changes that did take place. But now that January is reaching its half life, the World Baseball Classic occurs in March, and general spring training is on the way, opening day of the MLB doesn't seem too far off. With some major changes taking place (i.e. look at the Yankees), this should prove to be an extremely interesting season. Can the Phillies repeat? Were the Rays a fluke? Did the Yankees adequately repair? The only real way to find out is to watch. And the only real way to watch is to find yourself MLB opening day tickets for your team.