• NFL Playoffs

    NFL Playoffs

    Dec 18, 2009 9:51 AM by ben

    The time of the year that we've all been waiting for is nearly here! Not the holidays. The NFL Playoffs! On the second weekend of January, we'll get to see the first round, the wild-card round of the playoffs takes off. As you might know, there are two or three especially dominant teams this year and you can see any of them if you get NFL Playoff tickets from Vivid Seats. The Indianapolis Colts haven't lost a game so far season. They are 14-0, having eked out a win against Jacksonville last night. With Peyton Manning at the helm, it's possible that the Colts could go all the way. On the other side of the league, the New Orleans Saints are also undefeated at 13-0. Watching Drew Brees pilot this team to an undefeated season, just a year after the team finished at .500 would be an amazing experience if he can make it happen. Both of these teams are headed to the playoffs as are the Minnesota Vikings, with Brett Favre in a fantastic encore to his time in New York. Will one of these teams win the Super Bowl? Or will one of the up-and-coming underdog teams spoil their fun? Find out for yourself by catching the intense NFL Playoffs in person!