• NFL Pro Bowl

    NFL Pro Bowl

    Jan 19, 2009 5:48 PM by nick

    With the climax of the NFL season now only two weeks away, that leaves only two games left before we enter the long dry spell of outdoor football; the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl games respectively. As the last game of the season, the NFL Pro Bowl is a showcase of the most talented players in the league. Only the fastest, smartest, strongest, and most agile (sometimes all four) can make it. So it's a war between the best runners and best tacklers; the best receivers and best corners; and so on and so forth. With only the best competing, there's not likely going to be a single dull moment. Even though the game itself carries no weight (as an All Star game does in the MLB), there is quite a lot of pride at stake. They've all been chosen as the best in the league, and now they want to set themselves apart as the best of the best. And while it may be winter everywhere else in the United States, Hawaii rarely feels the inclement weather. What could be better than warm weather and the last game of the season? Pick up your NFL Pro Bowl tickets today and watch it live!