• Notre Dame Going to Fight It Out

    Notre Dame Going to Fight It Out

    Aug 17, 2009 5:37 PM by ben

    This year is going to be the comeback year for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. At least, that’s the expectations of many of the fans and observers of the team. Order your Notre Dame football tickets and see this team regain their strong position college football! There is some great pressure for this team to hit the ground running this year. Last year’s team was only a couple of mistakes in key games away from finishing 8-4 on the season. This year’s team will see an even stronger and experienced quarterback in Jimmy Clausen. Last year he had some trouble, but showed improvement over the course of the season. This year, he is forecast to be a much better leader with a lot more confidence down the stretch. Wide receivers Golden Tate and Michael Floyd are also expected to be able to haul in passes even more than usual. While there are some spectacular games on their schedule this year, the game on October 17th against USC will be one of the best. Usually USC is able to trounce any of their opponents, but this year might be a completely different story for the Irish. They have a better offense and an improved defense, so it’s going to be a strong possibility that Notre Dame takes this game for the first time in years! The games on the 2nd and 3rd week, against Michigan and Michigan State will also be very important as this team will have the chance to prove themselves against traditionally tough opponents early in the season.