• Prepare for the MLB Playoffs

    Prepare for the MLB Playoffs

    Aug 6, 2009 6:06 PM by ben

    Everyone is starting to ask the important questions: who’s in? Who’s out? You can get 2009 MLB playoff tickets to see the teams that are in starting in September and continuing through October. In many ways, this year has turned out the way many people expected it to be. The two teams that battled it out for the World Series in 2008 are having completely opposite experiences. The Philadelphia Phillies are dominating the NL East this year, currently leading by 7 games. The Mets and Marlins have not yet been able to mount a strong enough challenge to the defending champions. The Tampa Bay Rays are nearly 6 games out in the very difficult AL East. They trail in an otherwise neck-in-neck race between the Red Sox and the Yankees, who are really battling it out this year. The AL Central has a close three-way race between the Chicago White Sox, Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins. These three will think of each game as being of the utmost importance. In the West, the Angels are holding a good lead for the moment. In the NL Central, the Cubs and the Cardinals are tied up at the top of the division, with Milwaukee and Houston lurking in the background. If Milwaukee can mount yet another late season comeback, we might even see some exciting tie-breaking games at the very end. Finally, in the NL West, the Dodgers appear to have an insurmountable lead in the division, and almost everyone expects them to be in the playoffs and to do very well. This is the year of classic teams winning games and great players showing their abilities on a daily basis. At the end of September, we will see some of the best games of the season and we’ll be ready. You can get ready too, by getting tickets from Vivid Seats!