• RAW Smackdown and superstars

    RAW Smackdown and superstars

    Jun 12, 2009 5:35 PM by ben

    There is a lot of great excitement to be had in the WWE’s upcoming battles this summer and this fall. It’s so much fun to watch these guys fight it out, because they are some of the most entertaining characters professional wrestling has ever had. For one, Chris Jericho has emerged over the course of the last several months as one of the top wrestlers and perhaps the most dramatic. He says that SmackDown is his show, but Superstars certainly is! It’s more than a little fun to see him in action against John Morrison, like on Thursday, as well as fighting against many others. We have seen them battling at the top of their game and when everything seems to be going against them! If you are a fan of this exciting sport and if you follow all the storylines and enjoy everything about these fights, then you can count on our site to have tickets to all the upcoming events. Take a look at our variety of cheap WWE tickets and choose the ones you want! You will be right there in the thick of things for an intense battle!