• Rivalry of the Week: Tiger vs. Tiger

    Rivalry of the Week: Tiger vs. Tiger

    Oct 21, 2011 1:30 PM by Morgan

    Vivid Seats Rivalry Corner: Tigers Go Head-to-Head

    Here at Vivid Seats, we love a good rivalry! Whether it's Buckeyes vs. Wolverines, Tigers vs. Jayhawks or even Tigers vs. Tigers we enjoy the spirit of the game, and all the passion, heckling and potential upsets that come along with it. 

    This week in Vivid Seats' rivalry corner, we have a head-to-head faceoff between two Tigers: LSU and Auburn. The defending national champions (Auburn) are having a winning season so far (5-2; 3-1 SEC) and are ranked #20. Tomorrow they take on currently undefeated #1 LSU.

    So how could Auburn pull off the upset tomorrow in Death Valley?

    1. Their defense has seriously ramped up in the last couple weeks 
    2. LSU has suspended players - including their top running back
    3. Auburn's QB Moseley is bringing the confidence the team needs to win against LSU

    Auburn players have been quoted saying that LSU is beatable. If Auburn is able to overturn LSU's reign in the number one spot, it could be the upset of the season - some analysts are calling it 'the unthinkable upset' - and here's why: 

    1. LSU is currently undefeated, on a clear path toward the BCS National Championship Game, which is being held on their home turf in New Orleans this season
    2. It could injure LSU's chances of going to the national championship, especially since #2 Alabama is still on their schedule later this season
    3. LSU is looking for serious revenge after Auburn came back and beat them in 2010 for the first time in four years
    4. Auburn dropped so far in the rankings after last year's championship, for them to come back and beat LSU with the intensity of the Tigers vs. Tigers rivalry just adds salt to the wound 

    The heat is on tomorrow at 3:30pm ET. Can the Auburn Tigers pull the upset and stall LSU in its tracks on the way to the National Championship? Or will the LSU Tigers' reign continue, on their way to an undefeated season?  

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