• Stanley and his cup

    Stanley and his cup

    Mar 24, 2009 5:50 PM by ben

    Now that spring is coming around, that means only one thing: the NHL playoffs are starting soon! Are you ready for some hockey? Get 2009 Stanley Cup Playoff tickets from Vivid Seats today! It is going to be exciting, because some of the teams have shifted since last year. The Montreal Canadiens aren’t as dominant as they were last year. The Sharks are still really good, but they didn’t have such a dominant March as they did in ’08. The Red Wings look like they are on their way to a long playoff run as well, and so do the Boston Bruins. The New Jersey Devils and Washington Capitals also seem to be in the middle of the hunt. If you were to guess right now, you might expect that the Bruins would be playing against the Red Wings for the championship. But there are several rounds of playoffs to be played first. The Penguins, Flames, Oilers and Blue Jackets look like they are going to give those other teams a rough time. It’s going to be a great playoff season, with several impressive teams vying for the coveted cup. Make sure you are in the stadium for these amazing games.