• The Madness is Coming

    The Madness is Coming

    Jan 1, 2008 3:40 PM by nick

    It's a bittersweet feeling sports fans will be feeling for the next few weeks. With the College Bowl games halfway done and the NFL playoffs about to begin, football is sadly on its way out. Though these are generally the most exciting times for football, it comes with the price of knowing it will soon vanish. Luckily, the giant void is always filled up with college basketball. Just as football closes up shop, NCAA basketball begins to pick up steam, en route to the most exciting time of the year: March Madness. No other sport offers such a gigantic, all-encompassing, and extremely fair playoff system. Every team has the chance to emerge the victor out of their own conference and win a bid to the NCAA Championship tourney. Even if they don't win, their record may be good enough to qualify for a bid. Then, when the whole National Tournament begins, 65 teams have a completely equal chance at winning it all. No bye rounds and no records. It's no longer about what you did in the regular season. If you don't win, you go home. It's that simple. Win 6 in a row and you're the year's best. The entire March Madness is probably the best sports experience in the nation...no, world...no, universe. And with our March Madness tickets, you can be there at every step of the way, cheering on your favorite team/alma mater!