• The New NASCAR Season

    The New NASCAR Season

    Jan 8, 2009 5:12 PM by nick

    Just a short time ago, Earnhardt, Stewart, and Johnson rolled their cars into their respective garages, threw the covers on, and took out their CDs and cassette tapes before locking the doors. For three months they had to tame their aggressive driving styles while on pedestrian roads. Yet with January closing in on its half-life, there's only one month left before it's time to pull off the covers, restock the CD player/tape deck with Van Halen tapes, and bring the cars back out. First stop, the Budweiser Shootout: the "first" race of the season. While the Shootout does not officially count towards standings during the season nor are any points awarded, the random selection of car drivers chosen to race will be competing for quite a handsome purse. Additionally, since the Shootout does not carry any pressure of season-style racing, it offers fans a much more aggressive driving display than what would be demonstrated during a season race, where one large mistake can ruin a season. But the Budweiser Shootout is merely the warm up for the biggest race of the season: The Daytona 500. Perhaps no set of NASCAR racing tickets is more coveted than those for the Daytona 500. The opening race carries so much pent up driving aggression, as well as a fresh start for each driver to work with, that fans cannot get enough of the magnificently intense action. If high-octane excitement seems like your type of thing, perhaps you should take a look at our Daytona 500 tickets and be there opening day, February 15th, at the Daytona International Speedway!