• Thunder Slamming Reaches Critical Levels

    Thunder Slamming Reaches Critical Levels

    Sep 25, 2008 2:12 PM by nick

    This SATURDAY (SATURDAY, SATURDAY) the world of monster truck racing and car jumping is coming to the Sovereign Center in Reading PENNSYLVANIA (VANIA, VANIA, VANIA). Attendants in the audience can expect the greatest in monster truck entertainment when they witness the THUNDER SLAM (THUNDER SLAM! THUNDER SLAM!). The Thunder Slam is the premiere event of the monster truck world. Only the best and finest will be on display this year: jumping, smashing, flipping, and colliding their way into other cars and your hearts. Not a whole lot can compare with the gritty and visceral feelings that a great Monster Truck Rally can bring. It’s pure excitement, pure power, and pure adrenaline. If this sounds like your kind of night out (OUT,out,out), then order your Thunder Slam tickets right now!