• Time for a Take-Down

    Time for a Take-Down

    Nov 7, 2008 5:23 PM by ben

    Who doesn't like a good Body Slam? Wrestling may be all staged, but they always put together an awesome show. There are so many different groups of wrestling now. There's the WWE Friday Night SmackDown, Monday Night Raw and a whole bunch of others. It's hard to decide which one to watch. The storylines are detailed, complicated, and a whole lotta fun! There's always a defeat to be avenged, honor to retrieve and a villain to take down. It is always a big adventure to watch it! And who doesn't like the stars? Ok, so Hulk Hogan isn't really around anymore, but Chris Jericho just won the World Heavyweight Championship a few days ago.  Carlito and Primo just won the WWE Tag Team event which was crazy this year!  There's always a great bit of drama unfolding. Never been to a WWE or other wrestling event in person?  Then check out our wrestling tickets!