• UFC 101 Is Not a College Course

    UFC 101 Is Not a College Course

    Jul 18, 2009 4:54 PM by ben

    The battles of UFC 101 are going to be the best on the mixed martial arts calendar. You might have seen UFC 100 last weekend on television (or even in person). It was one of the most exciting events the UFC has ever put on. If this has excited you into seeing further battles, then you should order UFC 101 tickets today, and, among other things, you will get to see a lightweight championship between BJ Penn and Kenny Florian. They battled for the same title last year; BJ Penn got it and will be defending it with toughness this year. In this weight class, Penn has been unbeaten since 2002, making him dubbed the pride of Hilo, Hawaii. Meanwhile, Florian has been a strong fighter for over 6 years, but just hasn’t been able to secure a world championship yet.

    In other exciting action in UFC 101, Anderson Silva will be taking on Forrest Griffin in a light heavyweight bout. Silva has defended his titles 5 times in a row and won 9 straight fights. Griffin will be fighting for his own honor and he will have plenty if he beats Anderson Silva on Saturday, August 8 in Philadelphia. Get ready for UFC 101, it’s going to be an exciting evening of fighting. Don’t forget that these two fights aren’t all of it. There is a total of 5 fights on the main card and the preliminary has 6 more for your viewing pleasure. So don’t wait. UFC 101 tickets are running out quickly and you shouldn’t miss this fantastic event.