• White Sox Workhorse

    White Sox Workhorse

    Oct 3, 2008 2:41 PM by nick

    It was a disappointing start for the White Sox's World Series hopes but it was far from discouraging. After a 6-4 loss to Tampa Bay on Thursday afternoon, the Chicago White Sox are looking for redemption. Apart from a few key plays by Rays' Evan Longoria, the Sox managed to hang in there with the Rays. Friday night, however, they will want to do much more than simply "hang in there." With the defensive hopes resting squarely on the shoulder(s) of pitching ace Mark Buehrle, Guillen and the Sox hope that his experience in the 2005 playoffs will help him lead the Sox to a split in the first two games with Tampa. That and the momentum from his most recent pitching masterpiece against the Indians on September 28th, where he led the Sox to a 5-1 victory. Though this is going to be a huge game with even greater ramifications for each side, Buehrle is trying to keep as simple as "it's just another game." It's the same mentality that he had for the do-or-die match against the Indians, and that worked well so perhaps lightning will strike twice. He'll have to contend against the talented Scott Kazmir of the Rays, however. Tonight the game starts at 5:00 p.m. CT on TBS but you can see all the Sox playoff games live with our White Sox playoff tickets.