• 33 is quite a few

    33 is quite a few

    Jan 28, 2009 5:41 PM by ben

    The Eugene O’Neill Theatre keeps presenting good shows. The upcoming 15 week engagement of a great show is going to be a very interesting one. The name of the show is 33 Variations, a show written by Moises Kaufman, which includes lots of music. Jane Fonda will star in this interesting and thought-provoking show, in her first appearance on Broadway in many years. The show is about musicologist Katherine Brandt who is researching Ludwig van Beethoven’s obsessive composition of the Diabelli Variations. There are parallel plots involved where Katherine goes from the time of Beethoven to the present time, finding that his concern about his health and prestige is exactly the same as her own. They are both working against time to figure out their respective riddles. Along the way, she begins to discover, understand, and worry about her own legacy in the world. It is a show that will really make you think about your own life and hopefully make some discoveries of your own. Get your 33 Variations Broadway tickets today to see this really impressive show.