• Bob the Builder

    Bob the Builder

    Dec 20, 2008 4:25 PM by nick

    It's out of the TV screen and onto the stage for Bob, Wendy, Farmer Pickles, Scoop, Dizzy, Scrambler and Spud. Bob the Builder, the wildly popular Nickelodeon children's program, is currently in progress of its 16 country tour and it's headed to the USA at the start of next year. From mid January to late spring of 2009, Bob the Builder: Spud's Big Mess will be put up in theatres of every major US city. From east to west, children all over the nation can sing along to all their favorite songs and see their beloved characters come to life. When Bob asks, "Can we fix it?" children will be right there to assert him "Yes we can!" In addition to seeing all of their favorite characters, kids can also learn the important lesson of taking care of the earth through recycling, basic environment care, and teamwork. Bob the Builder: Spud's Big Mess has been a certified hit since it began in 2008 in Germany, and it's guaranteed to make the kids go wild in America. If you want to treat your child to a great theater experience, take a look at our large selection of Bob the Builder tickets.