• Dora Explores America

    Dora Explores America

    Nov 8, 2008 2:13 PM by ben

    Kids all over the country love Dora the Explorer!  Dora the Explorer is one of the most popular shows on television for preschoolers and parents are happy about how much their kids learn from the show.  Not only do kids learn about different parts of the world and about different kinds of people, they also learn some Spanish along the way.  There are currently two shows from Dora: City of Lost Toys and Dora's Pirate Adventure. Each show is an adventure for the whole family, where Dora has to explore to find something or someone.  Obviously, we don't want to give away any secrets about the show, but we'll let you in on one:  this is a really fun show!  Your child will get to see all their favorite characters on the show; Dora, Boots, Diego, Isa, and the Fiesta Trio. And just like on the show, they will need help to see the clues and to follow them!  That's where you and your child come in. Dora and her friends need you and your family to help! Check out our Dora the Explorer show dates.