• These dummies will not kill you

    These dummies will not kill you

    Aug 15, 2008 5:43 PM by Robyn

    I never imagined a ventriloquist to be so…hilarious. Correct me if Im wrong but when I think ventriloquist, I think creepy puppet a la Stephen King novel that’s going to stab me in my sleep while he laughs hysterically. And no one will suspect the puppet for murder. What I don’t think of is a troupe consisting of a purple creature from some tropical island named Peanut touring with a grumpy old Republican named Walter who is joined by a hip-hop manager loaded with bling and a white trash Nascar fan. Oh and I forgot to mention a talking jalapeno on a stick. Stephen King it’s not, funny it is. These puppets/dummies won’t kill you. If they do, it will be from laughter. Don’t forget to buy tickets to see Jeff Dunham live! They’re going fast!