• Words matter

    Words matter

    Mar 4, 2009 5:41 PM by ben

    The Philanthropist is a play that pokes fun at the insular academic life. Not to be confused with the upcoming television series of the same name, this play turns more on character than it does on plot. The main character is Philip, a philology lecturer at a university. In that role, he knows the strength of words and the dangers of using them without considerable thought. This brings him, however, quite a bit of trouble. He is unable to do anything in life without deep thought and consideration. He becomes indecisive. To the people in his life, he is overly nice and unable to get out of his self-made prison of words. For example, his fiancée tries to get some kind of angry response out of him and he hardly reacts. He might just make a simile or just debate instead of actually responding. Matthew Broderick stars as Philip in the current performance of this show with the Roundabout Theatre Company. The Philanthropist theater tickets are available from Vivid Seats today!