Extreme Sports

  • Extreme Sports on Display in People Are Awesome 2013

    Extreme Sports on Display in People Are Awesome 2013

    Extreme Sports Tickets Trick shots, bungee-jumping, back flips, death-defying stunts, and more will always have a permanent home on the Internet. While the jury’s still out on just how many clips receive some CGI assistance, real or not, there’s no denying their pure entertainment value, and even better when you can watch several all in one sitting. The video below features just that thanks to t… more

  • AMA Supercross Making Big Jumps

    AMA Supercross Making Big Jumps

    Sports news If you have seen the sport on TV where the motorcycles jump over large dirt hills as they move around an arena-sized course, you will know that this isn’t a sport for the weak. You probably hold your breath every time a motorcycle leaps way up into the air while they try to beat out the other competitors. Most racing sports are just about the speed of the individual racers and o… more

  • Large Trucks in Action

    Large Trucks in Action

    Sports news If you’re a fan of smashing cars and exciting racing done by large trucks, then Monster Jam tickets are what you need! This sport has been around for more than 35 years, but it is more popular than ever, with several million people attending their events every year. The sport is supported by the United States Hot Rod Association and takes place in cities across the country. Ther… more

  • AMA Super Cross

    AMA Super Cross

    Sports news Jumping motorcycles. Big hilly dirt racecourses. What else could this be besides the AMA Super Cross? If you’ve never heard of this sport before, you are really missing out! These aren’t just regular motorcycles though. They are designed especially for off-road use and are very high performance. But this isn’t the same as Motocross. Super Cross is an offshoot of Moto… more

  • Holland Still Recovering From Monster Jamming

    Holland Still Recovering From Monster Jamming

    Sports news It's been a while since we last rapped about the Monster Jam so let's check in with the latest. In the last installment of the Jam, held in Arnhem, Holland, it was three men (car names rather) that out-smashed and out-bashed their brethren monster trucks: Superman (the crowd favorite), Grave Digger (the bad boy), and Maximum Destruction (the funny one). On the 27th and 28th of… more