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  • Black Sabbath Tour 2013 to Follow Record-Breaking Album Release

    Black Sabbath Tour 2013 to Follow Record-Breaking Album Release

    Tour Announcement It’s impossible to discuss the history of heavy metal without mentioning the heavily lauded Black Sabbath. Three of the band’s albums were voted into Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, while the tracks “Iron Man” and “Paranoid” were included on the magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs list. The band itself ranked… more

  • Magnetic Tour of Metallica Draws in Thousands

    Magnetic Tour of Metallica Draws in Thousands

    Concerts news When the World Magnetic tour rolls around, you definitely want to see it. If that’s true, then have we a deal for you! Metallica tickets are available now from Vivid Seats for all of their upcoming shows. They just announced a lot of new shows for the US leg of the tour. Metallica is back to their old style of music tour. Their most recent album, Death Magnetic, reaches right ba… more

  • AC/DC Are Electric

    AC/DC Are Electric

    Concerts news AC/DC is still continuing their Black Ice tour and it’s one of the best tours going on right now. Critics and fans alike are having fun listening to great songs like “Highway to Hell” and “Stiff Upper Lip”. But it’s not just a big nostalgia fest for this classic band. They have been producing new music for decades already, which gives them an outsta… more

  • Tool At the Box Office

    Tool At the Box Office

    Concerts news The award-winning band Tool will be going back on tour after an 18 month hiatus this summer! They took a break beginning in early 2008 and have now decided to come back, starting a concert tour and possibly releasing a new album too. Order Tool tickets today to see this great metal band in person. This summer marks their 19th anniversary as a band, having begun their careers in Los An… more

  • Global Magnets

    Global Magnets

    Concerts news When you get Metallica concert tickets to the “World Magnetic Tour”, you will get to hear an outstanding band that has more staying power than almost any other artist out there on the market today. Metallica is, for those out there who don’t know, a heavy metal band who have been together since they met in LA in the early 1980s. But they didn’t attain notoriety… more

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