• Upcoming UFC Fights Rekindle MMA Versus Boxing Debate

    Upcoming UFC Fights Rekindle MMA Versus Boxing Debate

    BOXING AND FIGHTING TICKETS In the world of combat sports, the popularity of mixed martial arts (MMA), and especially the Ultimate Fighting Championship, has been spreading like wildfire, but the debate on whether MMA is greater than boxing remains inconclusive. Boxing has all of the history, but both sports have fights on tap that can alter the tenor of future debates in their favor for years to come, and the UFC … more

  • Jones vs. Rampage Highlights UFC 135

    Jones vs. Rampage Highlights UFC 135

    Sports news The Ultimate Fighting Championship will return to Denver for the first time in more than 15 years when UFC 135 is held at the Pepsi Center on September 25th. The spotlight will be shining brightest on the Light Heavyweight Championship match, pitting UFC's most promising young star against one of the sport's biggest names. Twenty-four-year-old MMA phenom Jon "Bones"… more

  • Rampage Jackson Ready For UFC Return

    Rampage Jackson Ready For UFC Return

    Sports news UFC tickets are at a premium with Rampage Jackson, star of both octagon and screen, returning to fighting this month. Jackson signed a six-match deal with UFC in March and we'll begin his road back to the light heavyweight championship facing Rashad Evans. Giving the match further intrigue is the fact that Jackson and Evans have long had bad blood towards one another. Rampage does… more

  • UFC 101 Is Not a College Course

    UFC 101 Is Not a College Course

    Sports news The battles of UFC 101 are going to be the best on the mixed martial arts calendar. You might have seen UFC 100 last weekend on television (or even in person). It was one of the most exciting events the UFC has ever put on. If this has excited you into seeing further battles, then you should order UFC 101 tickets today, and, among other things, you will get to see a lightweight champi… more

  • UFC 100

    UFC 100

    Sports news At the Mandalay Events Center in Nevada this summer comes one of the biggest events in UFC history: UFC 100. There will be two championships on the line this year when these fantastic fighters take each other on. The Welterweight Title will be fought between Georges St-Pierre and Thiago Alves. St-Pierre is highly talented as the wrestling side of the fight, while Alves is a Muay Thai … more

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