• Musicians, Athletes Highlight 2013 Forbes Celebrity 100 List

    Musicians, Athletes Highlight 2013 Forbes Celebrity 100 List

    Jun 27, 2013 5:15 PM by Alyssa

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    On June 26, Forbes released its annual list of the 100 Most Powerful Celebrities, which, as always, featured a handful of shoe-ins alongside some pleasantly surprising performers. The annual list takes into account a series of factors to gauge the “power” of celebrities, including the amount they’re mentioned in the media, public opinion, the strength of their social media presence, the newly added marketability score, and, of course, the celebrity’s total earnings for the year.

    For the fifth time, Oprah Winfrey topped the list (even despite earning about $48 million less than top earner, Madonna) thanks to her high rankings across the board in these categories. This year, Winfrey is the first of five women in the magazine’s top six. The remaining four of these five women are solo musicians who have enjoyed massive ticket sales within the past year: Lady Gaga (No. 2), Beyoncé Knowles (4), Madonna (5), and Taylor Swift (6). Comedian Ellen DeGeneres also helped to round out the female-heavy top 10 by snagging the final coveted spot.

    Madonna especially had a phenomenal year with MDNA Tour, which was not only the highest grossing tour of 2012, but also one of the top 10 highest grossing tours all time. The tour also helped make Madonna this year’s No. 1 celebrity earner, collecting $125 million overall.

    Beyoncé’s Mrs. Carter Show World Tour doesn’t kick off in North America until tomorrow, but she’s already earned a total of $53 million over the past year. Knowles is joined on the list by husband Jay-Z, who marks the highest ranked rapper on the list at 32. He beat out his friend and occasional-collaborator, Kanye West, by 27 spots. West rings in at No. 59—which Forbes attributes to the much publicized pregnancy of girlfriend Kim Kardashian, who comes in at No. 66.

    The top 10 was also littered with male musicians this year, with Bon Jovi (7) and Justin Bieber (9) both set to tour the U.S. throughout 2013. The top-earning athlete on the list—and holder of the No. 8 spot—is Roger Federer, who posted $71 million in earnings. More than 90% of that comes from endorsement deals with a variety of companies like Nike, Rolex, and Wilson. Meanwhile, the highest ranking female athlete, fellow tennis star Serena Williams, comes in on the list at 56 with total earnings of $20 million.

    New to the list in 2013 was New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who dove in at No. 50 after signing a five-year, $100 million extension in 2012 (with a whopping $37 million signing bonus to boot). Brees is in good company as a first-timer this year, as he joins the ranks of long-time stand-up comedian, Louis C.K. (No. 97), and two-time GRAMMY Award-winning electronic artist, David Guetta (74).

    Check out the other notable performers and athletes comprising this year’s list:

    12 – Jennifer Lopez
    13 – Rihanna
    14 – Coldplay
    15 – Tiger Woods
    16 – LeBron James
    18 – Katy Perry
    19 – David Beckham
    24 – Kobe Bryant
    43 – Toby Keith
    46 – Carrie Underwood
    47 – Kenny Chesney
    52 – Phil Mickelson
    60 – Jerry Seinfeld
    65 – Tom Brady
    78 – Manny Pacquiao
    88 – Floyd Mayweather
    91 – Danica Patrick
    93 – George Lopez