• NFL Teams Dominate Forbes' 2013 Most Valuable Sports List

    NFL Teams Dominate Forbes' 2013 Most Valuable Sports List

    Jul 16, 2013 5:43 PM by Alyssa

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    Hot on the heels of its 100 Most Powerful Celebrities list, Forbes released another entertainment-based assessment on July 15 that set out to determine the 50 Most Valuable Sports Teams in the world. Like the celebrity list, the sports team analysis takes into account several factors—including sponsorships, revenue, and operating income—from international soccer, NASCAR, Formula 1, MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL teams.

    It should come as no surprise that the top three teams are European soccer franchises, as the sport is by far the most popular worldwide. For 2013, the most valuable team in the world is Real Madrid, the home team of Spain’s capital city. Boasting a value of roughly $3.3 billion, the squad is flanked by several massive stars, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos.

    Ousted from its No. 1 spot is England’s Manchester United, another powerhouse soccer franchise worth an estimated $3.165 billion. The club is owned by the American Glazer family, which also owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (No. 28). In 2012, Manchester United signed a shirt sponsorship deal with Chevrolet, whose logo on team uniforms will garner the squad an estimated $559 million over the next seven years. The final team in the top three is FC Barcelona, which came in third place with a $2.6 billion valuation, while Arsenal rounded out the top 10 in the final spot with $1.326 billion.

    The first American team on the list is the New York Yankees, which Forbes values at $2.3 billion. The team’s 2012 season drew more than $300 million in ticket revenue. The Bronx Bombers are joined by their neighbors including the Giants (No. 9, $1.468B), Jets (No. 14, $1.284B), Knicks (No. 23, $1.1B), and Mets (No. 45, $811M) to make the New York metropolitan area amongst the richest in the top 50.

    Overall, the NFL boasts the most teams, with 30 of 32 franchises making the cut. The St. Louis Rams and Jacksonville Jaguars just missed the list, coming in at No. 51 and 52, respectively. With $2.1 billion, the Dallas Cowboys lead the way in fifth place overall, followed closely by the New England Patriots (No. 6, $1.635B), Washington Redskins (No. 8, $1.6B), and Giants to round out the top 10 for American football.

    The NBA’s highest ranking team was the aforementioned Knicks, who are joined by the Los Angeles Lakers (T-No. 31, $1B) and Chicago Bulls (No. 47, $800M), while the Los Angeles Dodgers were the lone MLB team to crack the top 10 at No. 7 ($1.615B). The first racing team to appear on the list was Ferrari, coming in at No. 21 with a $1.15 billion valuation, thanks in part to sponsorships and an annual share of the Formula 1 prize payout. In hockey, Canada harbors bragging rights, as the Toronto Maple Leafs are the only NHL team on the list, tied at No. 31 with the Lakers and Chicago Cubs with one billion apiece.