Allman Brothers Band (Rescheduled from 3/28)
Fri. Oct 24, 2014 8:00 PM - Beacon Theatre, New York NY

NOTE: Prices set by sellers, may be over face-value. Seats side-by-side, unless noted.

  • Prices set by sellers, may be over face-value.
  • Seats side-by-side, unless otherwise noted
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The Allman Brothers Band has been going strong since 1969, but the pioneering southern rock group will draw its career to a close in the fall of 2014 with a string of performances at the Beacon Theatre in New York. On Friday, Oct. 24, fans of the storied outfit can kick off their weekend with a live concert from the longest-running lineup of this Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group. Fronted by rock icon Gregg Allman, this band's live concerts have become legendary for showcasing the members' incredible talents during iconic tracks like "Jessica" and "Whipping Post."

Beacon Theatre Seating Information
The Beacon Theatre offers roughly 2,800 indoor seats for the audience to enjoy an intimate experience with The Allman Brothers Band. On the main floor, there are five sections of Orchestra Level seats, while the next area, the Loge Level, also features five unique sections. Finally, the Balcony Level features distinct Lower and Upper Levels. For all levels of the Beacon Theatre, sections with odd numbers are on the left side, while sections on the right side are labeled with even numbers. Accessible seating is available upon request, and some accessibility accommodations may be able to be made on the day of the show. If you have any particular accessibility needs, feel free to reach out to the venue directly for more assistance.

Beacon Theatre General Information
Food, water, large bags, alcohol, video cameras, bottles, and signs are not allowed inside the venue. Guests are subject to search upon arrival at The Allman Brothers Beacon Theatre concert. Smoking is prohibited inside the venue, and any guest who leaves the building may not re-enter.

Beacon Theatre Parking Information
Public parking garages are available surrounding the Beacon Theatre, but there are no garages affiliated with the venue. Guests can also arrive at the concert using New York's public transit system, including train, subway, and bus. Check the schedule for your route in advance to ensure an on-time arrival for the show.

Beacon Theatre Gate Times
The gates at the Beacon Theatre are expected to open at about 7 p.m. EST for The Allman Brothers Band show.

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