Celtic Thunder
Fri. Feb 27, 2015 8:00 PM - Orpheum Theatre - Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

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Orpheum Theatre - Los Angeles Guide
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Since its opening in 1926, the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles has been the host to some of the most revered performers and productions, with Celtic Thunder set to join the list on Friday, February 27, 2015. Don't miss out on your chance to step foot inside this iconic theater to see your favorite artists, and be sure to browse through the details below before you go.

Orpheum Theatre Los Angeles Seating Information
The Orpheum Theatre is essentially divided into two different sides, with the left side of the venue numbered in odd intervals, while the right side has even intervals of seating. The first level of seating is labeled as Orchestra, and ranges from Rows A-Y in the center and D-Z on both sides with even numbered seating on the right and odd seating on the left.

The Mezzanine is the next level of seating, and sits at the front of the upper balcony. The section is numbered from Rows A-C with odd on the left two sections and even numbers on the right two sections. There is also box seating available on this level and is labeled Box 1-3 on the right and left sides.

The remainder of the seating is the Balcony level, which starts with Row D in the front to Row U in the rear. The Orpheum Theatre does also have some general admission shows, so be sure to check the website to see when the doors will open for the chance at a preferred spot inside the venue.

Orpheum Theatre Los Angeles General Information
Generally, small personal cameras with no flash or removable lenses will be allowed, but they may be prohibited at the request of the performer. The use of video cameras and recording devices will be at the discretion of the artist. All patrons are subject to search upon entry, and security has the right to revoke entry if you have any unapproved items with you.

Orpheum Theatre Los Angeles Parking Information
The Orpheum Theatre is located between several freeways, making the venue very accessible for those wishing to drive to see Celtic Thunder. Parking is also ample in the vicinity, with several public parking lots in the area. Public transportation is plentiful in the area, with the Metro train, bus, and DASH bus nearby. The nearest Metro Station is the 7th Street Center, and the Orpheum Theatre is served by buses 740, 745, and 940. If you choose to use the DASH bus, you can use Route D or E on the weekdays and Route E on the weekends.

Orpheum Theatre Los Angeles Gate Times
Doors generally open 1-2 hours prior to the start of concerts.

Orpheum Theatre Los Angeles Accessibility
The Orpheum Theatre offers plenty of accessible accommodations including seating options throughout the venue. The majority of the accessible seating can be found in Section Z on the orchestra level and in the back right corner of the balcony level. There are parking lots near the Orpheum Theatre that have accessible seating for those in need of parking, or you can be dropped off in front of the building. For guests in need of anything specific, it is recommended that arrangements be made in advance of the show.

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