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May 9, 2015
1:00 PM
Rock In Rio USA - Saturday: Weekend 1 (Metallica, Linkin Park, Rise Against, Deftones)
MGM Resorts Village at The Lot - Las VegasNV

Buying Deftones Tickets from Vivid Seats

You can find Deftones tickets instantly through our award-winning ticket marketplace. Select one of the above Deftones tour dates to view our ticket selection. The ticket listings page has everything they need to find the right tickets to see these heavy metal masters this year. From the venue seating chart to our various sorting options, we make shopping for Deftones concert tickets a straightforward process. You can also select the Help Center link to access information that can aid your search for seats. Don't hesitate visiting our Live Chat to ask questions about your seating options or our industry-best security practices.

Shipping Information
Barring last-second situations, Vivid Seats will ship your package of Deftones tickets using FedEx. In some circumstances, we will employ other delivery methods to get you your tickets. This may include an on-site meet and greet, pick-up via Will Call, or by email. Be aware that some tickets may feature important shipping information so you'll want to read any available notes about your Deftones tickets before you purchase them.

Buyer's Guarantee
By requiring all ticket sellers to complete a pre-screening process, we can guarantee the validity of your Deftones tickets. Our guarantee protects our customers and ensures them the best possible shopping experience. Working with our logistics partner FedEx, we stand by our promise to deliver your purchase prior to the event. If for some reason the concert is canceled and is not rescheduled, we will promptly refund your purchase.

More About Vivid Seats
The Vivid Seats Customer Service Center is staffed seven days a week with well-trained service representatives. Call 866-848-8499 to speak over the phone with a live agent about buying Deftones tickets. Whether you have a question about the venue or the status of your shipment, our service team members will provide you with the information you need for your concert.