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Oct 1, 2016
12:00 PM
Project Pabst Festival feat. Run the Jewels, Mastodon, NOFX and Santigold
East Atlanta Village - AtlantaGA

Mastodon Ticket Information

Heavy metal group Mastodon formed in 2000 and slowly built itself up to become a major tour de force in the genre. It wasn’t until Mastodon’s third album, “Blood Mountain,” dropped in 2006 that the band earned mainstream success, thanks in part to the single “Colony of Birchmen.” Today, the outfit is one of the most popular in modern American rock, and you can experience songs like “The Motherload” and “Oblivion” live when you secure your seat to an upcoming concert. Once confirmed, your order for Mastodon tickets is guaranteed to arrive in time for the show. If you have questions about delivery, reach out to us by phone (866.848.8499) or Live Chat.

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