Sat. Nov 29, 2014 6:00 PM - Rogers Centre, Toronto

NOTE: Prices set by sellers, may be over face-value. Seats side-by-side, unless noted.

  • Prices set by sellers, may be over face-value.
  • Seats are together unless otherwise noted.
  • 100% Guaranteed Valid and Authentic.


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Sensation Rogers Centre Concert Ticket Information

Here are all the venue details to assist you in your purchase of Sensation tickets for the Rogers Centre show in Toronto, BC, on November 29, 2014.

Rogers Centre Concert Seating Guide

  • Field Seats - When applicable, these seats are right up close to the stage and provide a great vantage point to the concert. The sections are broken down into V1-V4, which sit right in front of the stage; A2-A9, which are also to the sides and front of the stage; B2-B2, which also provide a supreme view of the entire stage; and C1-C5, which sit at the back end.    
  • Floor Seats - When Field Seats don't apply, Floor seats are typically general admission, which means first come first serve. These seats offer a fantastic view of the performance and allow you to enjoy the show at ground level.
  • 100 Level - (Sections 109-34) - The 100 Level seats are just above the Field/Floor seats and provide a phenomenal perspective of the concert as they wrap around the front part of the stage in a 270 degree angle. These are in the middle of all of the action.
  • 200 Level - (Sections 208-240) The 200 Level seats are just above the 100 Level seats and offer 270 degree seating around the front part of the stage. These seats are a great midpoint between the floor and the Upper Level.
  • Upper Level - (Sections 507-541) - If you're looking for a great angle on the show while at an affordable price, then the Upper Level seats are the way to go. These seats offer a great, 270 degree aerial view of the stage just above the 200 Level Seats.

Rogers Centre Premium Seating for Concerts

  • VIP - (right and left of stage) - When available, it's always a great decision to grab VIP tickets as these sections are right next to the stage and you can enjoy great Rogers Centre amenities.
  • Suites/Box - (300/400 Level). These suites are located around the front part of the Rogers Centre and offer luxurious settings and amenities to witness Sensation. *Suites are not available for every show.
  • Pit - When set up, the Pit is a stellar place for fans to get up close to Sensation for a sensationally intimate experience. The Pit is usually general admission seating, and it's here that many people consider the prime location to witness the show.

Rogers Centre Gate Times

The doors at the Rogers Centre will open one hour before the concert begins.

Rogers Centre Handicap Access

The Rogers Centre proudly stands as a thoughtfully-accessible venue for all guests with disabilities. There are now 239 disabled seating locations available on the 100 and 200 Levels. And all bathrooms, seating levels, and restaurants are completely accessible. Please contact a Vivid Seats representative if you need assistance with handicap accessible tickets.

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