The Black Keys
Fri. Dec 5, 2014 8:00 PM - PNC Arena, Raleigh NC

NOTE: Prices set by sellers, may be over face-value. Seats side-by-side, unless noted.

  • Prices set by sellers, may be over face-value.
  • Seats are together unless otherwise noted.
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PNC Arena Guide
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It's a pleasure to witness a The Black Keys concert at PNC Arena, and Vivid Seats is here with all of the pertinent information you need regarding seating, parking, and more. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the information below and then prepare to enjoy the The Black Keys show on Fri. Dec 5, 2014 8:00 PM.

PNC Arena Seating Guide

  • Floor Seats - (Floor Level) - Floor seating design can differ depending on the layout of the concert, but they are generally broken up into numbered sections (1-9). Sometimes there is a Pit directly in front of the stage, but usually Floor seats are the closest to the stage and offer a great front-view perspective. Floor seats are often considered prime seats for The Black Keys concerts, and sometimes they are general admission.
  • Lower Level - (Sections 101-107, 116-130) - The Lower Level is situated just above the Floor seats and span throughout the 100 Level. These are sensational seats and offer great views. They usually wrap 180 degrees around the front of the stage, but can go all the way around. If so, be aware that sections 107-116 may be located behind or to the sides of the stage.
  • Upper Level - (Sections 301-305, 323-328) - Upper Level seats are located above the Lower Level and Club seats and offer a great midpoint between pricing and perspective. These seats can also run 360 degrees around the stage, and if so, part or all of Sections 305-323 may be located on the side or behind the stage.

PNC Arena Premium Seating

  • Club Level - (Sections 201-206, 218-230) - Club seats are located between the Lower Level and the Upper Level seats and offer a premium look at all the action taking place on stage. If the concert features a 360 degree layout, Sections 206-218 may be located on the side or behind the stage.
  • Pit - When available, the Pit is often the most coveted location to view the concert in the entire arena. Those who want to experience The Black Keys in close proximity love to sit here, and the seats are usually general admission. These tickets tend to sell out fast.

PNC Arena Parking

If you decide to drive to the The Black Keys concert, there are multiple parking lots for you to park in near PNC Arena. Standard pricing for cars is $10, while RVs and limos are $20, and buses are $25.

PNC Arena Handicap Access

PNC Arena offers parking for disabled guests at the East and West parking lots. Vehicles legally displaying disabled license plates or window cards are permitted to park in these designated spaces. There are handicap elevators next to Section 128 and 111, and the Rex Wheelchair Brigade Services offers wheelchair assistance before, during, and after the event. For an issues or questions, Guest Services is located on the Main Concourse across from Section 127.

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